Child Support

A licensed private investigator can give you information about where your child's absent father or absent mother is living, their place of employment, and any assets in their name.


If you child's other parent is not making payments for child support, but continues to earn income in some form, we may be able to help you collect where the government falls short.  Our job is to get you as much information as possible about them so that you can get the legal system to take action and get your child's money.


Let's face facts: there are many child support enforcement cases like yours and the court system is overloaded.  Your one "deadbeat" parent case may not get the attention it deserves.  The court is not designed to investigate these irresponsible parents and most courts have very limited resources to work with in this regard.  They do the best that they can, but often times they are just spread too thin.


We offer investigation into:

  • Where the parent currently lives
  • The name and address of their current place of employment
  • What hard assets they have (real estate, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snow mobiles, etc.)


We know first hand how difficult life can be when no one is listening to you.  Sometimes, it is in your best interest to get things done for yourself.  Villareal and Associates, LLC, is here to help.


Are you tired of waiting on money that is owed to your children?


Most of our services are conducted at low fixed rates. You can take control and spend a little money now to help get the payments coming in faster.  The choice is yours.


The most important thing to know about Villareal and Associates LLC is that we are not a collection agency.  In our opinion, taking 34% of your child's money is reprehensible.  Most states have strong court systems in place to collect the money for you but they often lack the ability to find the non-paying parent, find their employment and assets so that the money can be taken from them and given to your child.  If the court knows where they are, where they work and what assets they have, they can take action immediately.


Beware as many of these "child support collecion" companies that boast great results are nothing more than collection agencies.  Once these collection agencies find the other parent, they then try the traditional collection agency methods like harassing letters and telephone calls, to get get them to pay.  If the other parent then does begin to pay, they take 34% of each of your child's checks.  In our opinion, that's a stiff price to pay when you compare it to a few hundred dollards, spend one time, to give the court the information they need to enforce your child's rights.


Although your ultimate goal is to get payment of child support, there may be many different approaches to reach that goal.  Sometimes getting the name of the employer and providing it to the court is enough.  Other times, you may need proof when the other parent is actively trying to hide their income from you.  These cases can be more involved.  We can help with either extreme.  Our services are provided in several ways, depending on what your believe the other parent is doing and how much information you already know.  


Because each of the peope we are trying to locate is different and many of them have problems like child support warrants, bill collectors and the like, they can be very difficult to find.  We offer basic locate investigation a one time fee or an open investigation that we charge you on an hourly basis.  It's your choice.

How do we do it?


As licensed private investigators, we often have the ability to develop a vast amount of information about a parent - such as where they live, work, and what they own- in order to help you to collect child support and improve the life of your child.


No matter where your case is located, we are happy to discuss how we can help.  If we can not assist you in a certain case, we will gladly refer you to a private investigator that can help. 

Child Support Investigation Packages

Basic Locate for Child Support : $99.00/hr

Our basic locate is designed to find the current address and (if available) telephone number of the other parent.  This is designed to help us locate someone who is NOT actively hiding from the world.  This is not the choice for someone who is running from the law, running from bill collectors, transient, drug users, criminals, etc.  This is a basic locate for everday people whom you and the system have lost contact.



Beyond Basic Locate for Child Support:
$99/hr (4 hr minimum)


If you need us to find someone who is attempting to stay hidden or is on the run, please understand that these cases take more time.  There is no "super secret search" on the internet to find people like this.  


We have the skills to locate a parent for child support collection.  The more information you can provide about the person, the less it should cost.  With these types of cases, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your situation.  The investigator can then set up a budget with you and go over exactly how we will proceed with your case.


Our investigative services for location people are $99.00 per hour.  A minimum of four hours is required.



Employment Locate for Investigations for Child Support: $360.00 flat fee


We have developed the following investigations to provide you the the right level of detail given what your already know about the other person and their lifestyle.  We atrongly recommend that you review each carefully and do not choose an investiation based solely on price.  You get what you pay for and if you are not honest with yourself about your actual needs, you will not get complete information back!


Some of the factors that you should consider when selecting the right type of employment locate service are as follows:


  • Is the other parent working a normal job and drawing a paycheck?
  • Do they own their own business?
  • Do they work "under the table"?
  • Do they work for a relative?


Each of these has a significant impact on how we approach the case.  Obviously, if the other parent is taking great efforts to avoid paying, the process is more complicated and time consuming for us.


This is designed for those cases where the other parent is believed to have a conventional job where they receive a paycheck, but for some reason the system has failed to detect, it or the job is very new.


NOTE: We charge a flat rate for this service of $360.00 for four hous regardless of the outcome.  We must invest our time and resources to each child support investigation and we can not control the results of any case. (Retainers are required on all child support or custody cases).



Basic Child Support Asset Search: 
$425 (flat fee)


The Basic Search includes the following:


  • Demographic and Residence information
  • Aliases, Changed names
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Vehicle Ownership Search (Motor Vehicles, Watercraft & Aircraft)
Each of our Asset Searches is designed to provide you with the type of information you feel the debtor is most likely to have.  


The basic is designed to locate tangible assets like vehicles and real property.  If you know that they debtor has such assets and that they should yield enough money to satisfy your debt, then this should be enough.  If your debtor is more sophisticated or you need to look deeper, the intermediate is recommended.


Intermediate Child Support Asset Search:
$675.00 (flat fee)


Includes the following:


  • Demographic and Residence information
  • Aliases, Changed Names
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Vehicle Ownership Search (Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aircraft)
  • Local Litigation History
  • Corporation Ownership/DBA Search Ownership
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Criminal History

Advanced Child Support Asset Search:
$975.00 (flat fee)


Our Advanced Asset Search is designed for those who need complete coverage or for a debtor that you feel is more entrepreneurial.  


Includes the following:

  • Demographic and Residence information
  • Aliases, Changed Names
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Vehicle Ownership Search (Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aircraft)
  • Corporation Ownership/DBA Search Ownership
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Criminal History
  • Neighborhood Interviews and photograph of residence
  • Expanded Litigation Search in the most relevant Circuit Court
  • US Dept of Corrections Search
  • Professional Licenses
  • Internet Domain search

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