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If you have a judgment from a law suit or you're thinking about filing a law suit but unsure if the defendant is collectable, Villareal and Associates LLC is here to help you find assets, even hidden assets, including property, vehicles, employment information, (wage garnishment) bank accounts, business ownership and more. We give you the information needed to collect on that judgment.

We are NOT an information broker reselling asset information found in simple public record databases. We are the choice for those who need to know the truth before they waste valuable time and money chasing an uncollectible debtor. We are licensed private detectives based in Texas who will investigate your cases through our investigative sources.

Who hires us?


Collection agencies, debt collectors, asset recovery specialists, attorneys, major corporations, small business owners and individuals looking to collect judgments against individuals and businesses. Our clients cannot afford to purchase outdated or inaccurate information when trying to locate assets and collect judgments. Can you?

Villareal and Associates LLC is based in Texas but offers our asset search and debt collection products nationwide and in some foreign countries. Although we are most familiar with civil procedure in Texas, all states have some form of post-judgment enforcement procedures that allows us to collect the money for you. The only problem with our nation's court system is that it is not designed to act as a detective agency to tell you where or how to collect. In most states, the court does the best it can with the tools it has. We can locate these various types of assets for you and present them for collection of your judgments.

Although we are among the best in the industry at what we do and are recognized experts. We are not magicians. We cannot make things exist that do not. We cannot find out the employer of an unemployed person. We cannot always find everything our clients would like within our scope of work; however you can count on our professionalism and our integrity. Accordingly, we do no guarantee any outcome on any case. We simply will do our best to satisfy our clients in any way possible.

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