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We have designed services to quickly and efficiently recover funds from accounts about to be referred to an attorney. Our third-party intervention is very effective in resolving delinquencies without litigation and is less costly to you. The debtor receives an immediate demand for payment with intense follow-up, including investigative research through regulatory agencies, banking resources, etc. We also conduct asset searches to confirm property ownership. You benefit no matter the outcome. If the debtor pays, you save time and money. If the account does not merit litigation, we will tell you. If litigation is our final recommendation, you will save on attorney's fees for preparing the case enabling you to file quicker.

Villareal and Associates in-field commercial investigators will gather information on your debtor that would not be available any other way. We evaluate the debtor's neighborhood and the physical condition of the debtor's business. We also report on the debtor's business, i.e., employees working, inventory in stock and any other descriptive information to help collect your debt. Then we make a face-to-face contact to determine the next step in the recovery process.

We recommend diplomatic arbitration for special customer situations, especially when long-term or favored customers get behind on their accounts and you do not want to expose them to normal collection methods. The goal of diplomatic arbitration is to ensure the continuation of a satisfied customer relationship. We serve as a "mediator" and work to resolve the problem constructively. Using tact and professional problem-solving techniques, we treat your customer with dignity as we work with both sides to solve the problem. Often, the result is a stronger client/debtor relationship.

Successfully obtaining a judgment is wonderful. Knowing that there are assets available to collect on that judgment is not guaranteed. That is where we come in. We assist in determining if the debtor has assets to collect upon, if they are already encumbered or where they are trying to hide them.

Despite the global reach of many companies today, adequate credit information on foreign buyers can be difficult to come by. In addition, language and cultural barriers can complicate disputes. With years of experience in international collections, we have proven techniques and established relationships with private firms, bonded attorneys and government agencies. Our overseas representatives receive thorough training and we continuously update as changes occur in global financial trends and foreign markets.

We strictly adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We work your accounts daily as allowed under federal and state laws.

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