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Villareal & Associates LLC provides a complete credit investigation process. Many of our clients are small business owners who do not have a full time credit manager. We provide the complete credit investigation process for these clients.

We are members of the Better Business Bureau and we can obtain business information through this source.

Villareal & Associates LLC is a member of NACM- The national Association of Credit Managers and we can obtain credit background reports on potential business accounts. We also have the ability to obtain individual credit information providing the potential customer has agreed in writing that we may check his credit background.

Villareal & Associates LLC can also obtain D & B reports- Dunn and Bradstreet reports for our clients.

We have a wide choice of Data base information that will give us civil charges, bankruptcy, lien filings, judgements, bad debt reports, and business verification as requested by our clients. These data base information sources are not generally available to a credit manager, but as licensed private Investigators we have access to this information, which is very valuable to our clients.

We also have a direct call service that we employ to check out our clients credit applications and provide our clients with a credit check that shows the date an account was opened, the date of last charge, the date of last sale, the highest dollar limit granted on credit, the credit limit assigned to that account and any recommendations or comments in regard to that account.

Please contact our office so we may streamline a credit investigation process that best suits your credit needs.

We will provide you with a free credit investigation for your review.

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